About company
L-Labs is engaged in the development and implementation of machine vision and artificial intelligence systems in various industries.

The project was founded in 2020 as a high-tech startup to automate waste management solutions. Since then, our neural network has learned to recognise more than 50 types of recyclables, and the system is installed on 10 waste sorting complexes.

Now we are developing digital monitoring systems for enterprises of all industries worldwide.

Formation of an integrated waste management system in Russia

Waste processing complex «Vostok» - Ecoline

MSW processing complex in the Moscow region

Regional waste management operator of the Sverdlovsk region

Plastic Packaging Waste Recycling Company

Municipal and industrial waste processing enterprise in Kaluga region

Regional waste management operator of the Stavropol Territory

The company operates a landfill with an automatic waste sorting line in Novokuznetsk

The company operates a waste sorting complex in Novokuibyshevsk

Developer of digital solutions in the waste management industry

National digital platform for the implementation of the ROP service

Digital trading platform for transactions in the field of waste management

Russia, Moscow, Bolshaya Novodmitrovskaya Ulitsa, 23 building 3, office 511
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